Beneficence By Ladi Akinyosoye


The film industry is growing my the second and director Ladi Akinyosoye has just released his debut feature titled Beneficence. It premiers at the Genesis delux cinemas on thursday the 2nd of April. If you are in Lagos do check it out and feel free to give us your thoughts and feedback. It’s never easy being an artist anywhere in the world, more so in Nigeria. But its great so see people going against the odds to make things happen. In his director commentary Akinyosoye says,

‘When one makes a film, you want it to embody the one thing that drives life which is the truth. But the truth is a subjective thing, different for all of us because we are all living and walking different paths. Some similar so we walk together, but all different. I wanted to make a film that showed life in various forms and people in their complexity. I do not know whether that is truly what I succeeded in doing, but I do know that in Lagos we exist on several levels and Beneficence shows some of them. Film is meant for truths with the boring bits taken out or dreams with the fanciful taking centre stage. This film does not lay claim to the truth, but a truth. A truth for some.’

Produced by Olumo Rock pictures, Beneficence/Ore is a film about a Tale of lust, lies and betrayal. A film about living in a world where the material matters more than the spiritual, and the ultimate costs of a life lived through transaction. Starring Gabriel Afolayan, Shafy Bello, Dele Odule, Sola Onayiga, Kalu Ikeagwu, Tomi Odunsi, Kelechi Udegbe, Tubosun Aiyedehin and others,  directed by Ladi Akinyosoye

You can find out more about the film on the website 

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