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Before my radio career kicked off, i was so obsessed with telling and sharing peoples stories through audio that i took a large chunk of my savings after graduation and bought myself a Marantz recorder and a Sure microphone. I think it set me back about four hundred pounds along with the Senheizer head phones at the time. I recorded anyone that would share their stories with me, made podcasts with my friends, made sound art from just collecting sounds and audio documentaries as well all edited on my laptop. I would upload them on audio hosting platforms online, then embed the link on my blog and Facebook. These were the very beginnings of my relationship between storytelling, the audience and technology.

The interesting thing is  that relationship has never stopped and it has given me the opportunity to access many other creative pursuits that include writing, poetry, performance and recently filmmaking. This is the reason why i am very excited to be part of a twitter chat this friday at 1pm which will be hosted my dear friend, the very brilliant poet Titilope Sonuga who also doubles now as ambassador for the Intel West Africa She Will Connect programme. Technology and digital connectivity has led me to access audiences, collaborators and even friendships. So i feel honoured to be able to share those stories and experiences and how it has also been a huge part of my education as i am self taught in a lot of the things i have pursued. Women and young girls are also at the core of a lot of my advocacy work thus making this even more pertinent for me.


The Intel She Will Connect program, in recent times, has been in the forefront of educating young girls and women on maximum contributions toward economic and social development across the world.

The Intel® She Will Connect program is working with NGOs, government agencies, and other local business partners to close this gender gap and give girls and women the training and support they need to improve their lives through technology. The program aims to reach 5 million women in sub-Saharan Africa. The program features three key elements designed to help girls and women take advantage of the many opportunities provided through technology and Internet access: digital literacy; online peer network; and content and resources.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Please make sure you join us by using the hashtag #SheWillConnect

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