Wana Udobang is a Nigeria-based freelance journalist, poet and documentary filmmaker whose work is at the intersection of women’s rights, social justice, healthcare, climate change, culture and the arts.

She has worked with the BBC, Inspiration FM, Aljazeera, The Guardian, Africa Report, Ozy, Index on Censorship, Broadly, Yahoo and News Deeply. She has received the International Reporting Project(IRP) Fellowship, IWMF Great Lakes Reporting Fellowship, and the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Fellowship in Cultural Journalism.

Her work as a poet has been featured at the British Library’s Word, Symbol and Song exhibition. Her acclaimed poetry albums Dirty Laundry and In memory of forgetting explore trauma, womanhood, love and self-renewal.

Udobang’s documentary works include; Sensitive SkinNylon a short documentary on grief and the video series Warriors exploring the lives of people with sickle cell disease. She is founder and creator of Culture Diaries. A project that uses video interviews and live conversations to archive and document the works of African artists on the continent and in diaspora.

She loves travel, food, wine, dancing, people and adventure. She still harbours a desire to become an interior stylist and lingerie model.

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