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  • Reply Nene July 20, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    Once I began reading the article, my first thought was ‘Huh!?’ But the scene described reminded me of an exact one many years ago. It was my first year in the University of Calabar. I was told my pal, Gabriel was ill, and I went to visit him. I remember walking into his room, seeing a young lady massaging a part of my friend’s body, and thinking, “See this randy man, oh!”.
    Gabriel was actually randy. He had a great sense of humor that always boarded on sexual, but I couldn’t take offense; it was just his way. What I did was warn him, because I was born again and I didn’t want to have to avoid him or lose his friendship. I remember when Gabriel cracked his first ‘clean’ joke with me, and I was pleased. I was honoured that he tried.
    The day came when I was that female kneading his leg where the sickle cells had gathered, causing him so much pain. It was awful, more for him than for me…
    Unfortunately, Gabriel didn’t enter Year two; he didn’t survive it. Its been eighteen years, but I still remember. I cannot forget.

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