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Anyone involved in the not-for-profit sector can tell you tales for days about the lack of support and the difficulties involved in trying to do good. It is why i was completely overjoyed to hear that  Tolu Sangosanya was selected as a Youth Action Net global fellows for 2012. I have been fortunate to be well acquainted with her and can attest to some of the amazing work that she is doing for the children in Dustbin Estate and from the last chat we had, the fellowship was an opportunity that came just at the right time. We cant afford to underestimate the power of meeting new people with shared values, acquiring new knowledge and sharing best practices. So its that time of year again, and i say good luck with the application.

Here is a quickie profile on Tolu

Tolulope Sangosanya
Project: LOTS Charity Foundation
Age: 29
Website: http://www.lotscharityfoundation.org
Through the LOTS Charity Foundation, Tolulope transforms the lives of vulnerable children through providing education, health care, and training in life and leadership skills, while advocating on their behalf. Through the program, disadvantaged young people living in the Dustbin Estate, a slum community on the outskirts of Lagos, benefit from instruction in literacy, financial management, reproductive health, and computer usage, with one balanced meal provided per day. Emphasis is placed on intervening in the family lives of children who are at risk of living on the street. “Our goal,” says Tolulope, “is to prepare children to be world class leaders through education.”

2013 Laureate Global Fellowship
Call for Applications

Do you know any 18-29 year old leaders who have pioneered solutions to urgent global challenges?

If so, tell them to apply for our Global Fellowship! Applications are open from February 1 until March 17, 2013.

Applicants must be:
18-29 years old as of Oct. 1, 2013
Founders of existing projects or organizations, or leading a project residing within an organization
Proficient in English
Able to attend a week long leadership retreat in São Paulo, Brazil in Oct. 2013

Learn more about the Fellowship Experience.
To apply visit www.youthactionnet.org

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  • Reply Jemide February 4, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    I love the aim and ideology behind such programmes as this. One but feel very disappointed that its requirements as age, ability to attend a week long retreat in Brazil has to disqualify me. I think to improve lives, we should start creating opportunities at all. Levels and give opportunities to whoever is willing because the world needs this kind of intervention urgently now. This retreat can be localised and whoever is passionate about this should just be given the opportunity to impact as many lives as possible.

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