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London life lagos living is here again

Its been a crazy couple of months. And i am just revved up by all the arts and culture events and activities going on. We had Ake festival in November and im still trying to come down from that high. I should have blogged about it as soon as i came back but i have been experiencing what i call ‘Adjusting to reality syndrome’  and it didn’t help that i fell ill afterwards.I hope when i get round to blogging about it, it wont be too late. The one thing i would say though is that watching the stage adaptation of ‘The secret lives of baba segi’s wives’ was one of the many fantastic moments in the festival.

Well its almost Christmas and the culture engine is still running around Lagos. Bobo Omotayo’s book of  musings ‘London Life Lagos Living’ had its stage treatment earlier in the year and there is a chance to see it again this Saturday. So if you are looking for something fun and exciting to do this weekend, its definitely a treat for you. I had been following Bobo’s musing for sometime online which was filled with bits of satire, subtle commentary and delivered with wry witt.  I have read the book and enjoyed that too. So i am eager to see how the material will come off on the stage.

It is produced by Lydia Idakula Shobogun and features Abiodun Kassim, Diana Yekini, Adesuwa Etomi, and Ayesha Shaba. 

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