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So we celebrated International women’s day over the weekend, sure you can only imagine all the activities that happened. A couple of weeks ago though, i decided to record a few of my poems in the form of a series of web videos titled Words and Inspirations. I just wanted to give some context to some of my poetry, create something visual at the same time and share the inspirations behind some of the words.

We are still celebrating women this month and as you know i am heavily involved with issues surrounding violence against women both domestic and sexual and so wanted to share with you two of my poems around that theme. I have also been having conversations with my mother lately and realised how much of ordinary and everyday peoples struggles we don’t document and consequently will never get told, which to me is quite frightening especially in a culture that places so much emphasis on status and wealth.This is conversation for another day.

Please do enjoy and make sure you share. I would also like to know about your own personal experiences with domestic and sexual violence and how it has either affected or influenced you. If you aren’t comfortable sharing in the comments section, please send me an email to

Love is….

Tales from the dark planet

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