Readers letters to their younger selves

So after writing my letter to my younger self, i received about three letters so far from wonderful readers. I will be posting the other as a solo post but i hope you enjoy reading and i recommend you write one to yourself. It’s been a great source of healing and taking stock of the journey so far.
My dear silvia..
This is the older you talking to you,i bet now you are lying down on your bed deep in your imaginations.. yes you feel like you are ugly and nothing fits and you wonder why you are not like your sisters who everyone calls beautiful, your mom doesn’t help issues either and yeah jests at you,you have to understand this,she means nothing out of it and loves you wholeheartedly,you have to understand she’s human and if she knew better she would have done better.. you can’t blame her,trust me down the road you are going to realise she has your back Any day anytime.. you have been abused by someone older and you are confused and blame yourself. My dear, it wasn’t your fault,nothing you could have done about it.. so let it go and heal.. you’ll think you’ve found love in your first year in university and give it your all, sometimes I wish you held on to your virginity a Lil bit longer,he’ll break your heart and you’ll fall into pieces but remember it’s rains the hardest just when the sun is about to come out.. you’ll loose friends but trust me you’ll meet great ones,you’ll loose a lot but trust me you’ll get it back in hundred folds.. there is a God and he loves you and will never stop holding your hand.. you’re more intelligent than you give yourself credit for.. all you need is a Lil more concentration and determination.. you can do it,, trust me.. you still have a long way to go.. but the best part is you are getting there,you have a great partner who’ll love you in ways you never knew you could be loved.. be patient he Is coming.. I love you so much.. and remember never ever ever stop praying and trying..
Older you

Dear Younger self,

This is me a few years down the line into your future and I have some words to say to you. Appreciate your struggles now. They all come together to refine, teach and make you stronger. They are called life’s lessons  and trust me they are needed lessons.Don’t burn your bridges. You might need them someday to get to the other side. Don’t be afraid to fail because I know how much you hate to. Its only in some failures that you eventually succeed and learn better ways of doing things.

Be realistic and don’t be too hard on yourself. However, always strive to be better than your last best. Life would give to you only what you demand from it.You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. You know its that little spark in your heart that translates into amazing feats. Fan the flames, don’t let the dream die. Be strong and be brave.

Love truly, feel deeply. Life would turn out beautiful for you through the lens of true love.

Be yourself . These two words, cliche I know, but it sums up one of life’s greatest lessons. Do not try to be like any one else. On your journey, life would demand your own uniqueness and that’s when you would truly shine. Work hard, be creative! Let loose the amazing deposits inside of you.

Love the Lord with everything you have. Cherish your relationship with Him like a rare gift. He would keep you during hard times and serve as your anchor in troubled waters. Only in Him would you find the answers to life’s bugging questions. He would bring you inexplicable joy on your journey too. Let his word dwell richly in you and speak to Him like you would a dear friend. He would always be there for you…Lastly, laugh more, burst into a song, let your hair down and play your part in this play called life to the best of your ability. You gat only one shot at this!

Lotta luv,


Your older self..

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