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The television landscape is heating up and thanks to that, more Nigerian filmmakers are experiencing the chance at bringing other narratives to life with an audience to boot.

May 31st will see the premier of Victor Sanchez Aghahowa’s Dowry on EbonyLife TV. A five part miniseries  about two feuding families being forced to an uneasy truce by the impeding marriage of their children.

It’s a mere five hours to Naiomi and Demola’s wedding, when the groom gets a mysterious phone call and just — disappears.
Is it cold feet or perhaps something more sinister? The explosive answer highlights questions no one even thought to ask, and reveals secrets long buried.

Dowry stars Deyemi Okanlawon, OC Ukeje, Ivie Okujaye, Linda Ejiofor, Ade Laoye, Harry Dorgu, Chris Okagbue with Iretiola Doyle.

Aghahowa is also the creator of the hit web series #howsheleftmybrother and the made for TV movie T.A.B.L.O.I.D . of which some of his actors in both previous projects reprise new roles in Dowry. Perhaps, he is fast forming his own screen rock band.

Award winners and recognizable faces aside, Dowry churns out some really interesting and visceral performances from its cast. I got the opportunity to be a loafer on the set and got a sneak peak at some of the footage and can safely say that these guys did put in work. I have a strange bias towards Laoye. In such short time has amassed a considerable body of stage work which i have been privy to experience and there is something about her on screen that takes over much like she did in T.A.B.L.O.I.D.   As for Doyle, all i would say is that age is a beautiful thing for a performer. Perhaps a thing of experience or a thing of loosing self consciousness? Whatever it is, she just owns the character. It’s that thing where they say you just let go and let the character consume you.  Dorgu is a revelation and you will discover this when you watch. Enough of my insider cheat sheet.

You can watch the trailer here and do follow the Dowry page for updates, photos and fun conversations.

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