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Culture Diaries; Soyinka’s Camwood on the leaves

There are lots of events and activities celebrating Professor Soyinka’s 80th birthday and one of those will be Paw studios production of Camwood on the leaves.
“My son? I disown him! He is no son of mine …nor yours!  …ErinjobiTwo families ; the Olumorin’s and the Erinjobi’s are set on war path because of their children who have chosen to fall in love.Erinjobi will have non of his son Ishola, a teenager whose only goal is to frustrate every effort at instilling moral discipline and values “forced” upon him. 
The Olumorin’s daughter Morounke is pregnant by Ishola!
The stage is set as both families must overcome their differences to see the pain behind the rebellious duo.
Will Ishola let go of his bitterness towards his father?
Will Mr Olumorin kill Ishola as threatened?
Find out in this dark ensemble written by the legendary Professor Wole Soyinka and directed by Kenneth Uphopho. Erinjobi and Ishola… Father and Son… The meeting of the irresistible force and the immovable object.
The play addresses a major theme in Nigerian culture: the clash between indigenous religion and Christian colonialism. Soyinka brilliantly attacks these issues with a gorgeous fairytale about a mysteriously pregnant girl and her family’s decision to destroy her childhood friend who beckons the dead to protect him.
Professor Wole Soyinka’s Camwood on the Leaves is the thought-provoking story of two families in a small town and the resulting incidents that bring them in conflict with one another. Camwood, explores the mind-sets of the old and the young, the dogmatic versus the “unbeliever”, and the chaos that sometimes, is the result of inflexibility between these parties.
All this will be taking place at TerraKulture on the 20th and 27th of July. Festival times are 3pm amd 6pm
Ticket Prices are N1500 – Students  N3500 – Regular  N5000 – VIP
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