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Culture Diaries; TemiDollFace At Jazz Hole


TemiDollFace has been quiet for a while following her hit song and video PataPata. Saying that 2013 was a good  year for her both with music and style would be an understatement. I know the music business is quite gully especially here in Nigeria, plus creating music that is categorised as a bit on the fringe doesn’t make it any easier. Well you will be pleased to know that she hasn’t been laying  low for no reason. Temi says ‘Myself and my all male eight piece band have been locked up cooking up some next level DramaSoul concoctions for your listening pleasure’.

This coming sunday the 14th of September, cirque du dollface as i like to refer to her little circus meets carnival troupe of musicians will be showcasing a sixteen track selection at an intimate gig at The Jazz Hole in Ikoyi. It will kick off at 5pm so make sure you get there early as Jazz Hole only holds about a hundred people.

If you are new to the TDF movement, here are a few videos below

PataPata by TemiDollFace

Madiba with TemiDollFace and IBK

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