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What’s Showing At Lights Camera Africa!!


The Lights, Camera, Africa!!! Film Festival is excited to share through film,

the stories of William Onyeabor (enigmatic legend and musician extraordinaire),

Professor Thurstan Shaw (esteemed archaeologist and Igbo-Ukwu custodian) and

JD ‘Okhai Ojeikere (culture ambassador and master photographer).

We invite all history buffs, music lovers, art enthusiasts, shutterbugs,

writers, documentary fans and the plain curious to look out for these 3 films

…and a host of other great films at

Lights, Camera, Africa!!! 2014 Film Festival

Registration is free simply send an email to info@thelifehouselagos.com

The fourth edition of The Life House’s Lights, Camera, Africa!!! Film Festival will run from Friday, September 26 to Nigeria’s Independence Day, October 1 celebrating the nation’s 54th anniversary in a venue steeped in history, the Federal Palace Hotel

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