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Culture Diaries; Yinka Ilori At the Whitespace


You are cordially invited to ‘THIS IS WHERE IT STARTED’ a solo installation by British Based Nigerian Designer Yinka Ilori at ‘a whitespace from 24th to 28th October 2014.

Yinka continues with his use of Yoruba parables as a starting point for his work, however, in this series, his work is taking on a new and richer journey through an installation that is experiential.

Yinka wants to take us back to the oral traditions, using sounds, musical instruments, form and all the richness of the Yoruba culture, where we will also be given the opportunity to interact with the captivating pieces of furniture on display at the exhibition.

Yinka has created four collections:

Irungbon (Beard) | Ife (Love) | Baba Ibeta (Triplets Dad) | Eyin (Teeth) 

All of which will be for sale at ‘a whitespace. 

A Whitespace Creative Agency

58 Raymond Njoku Road, Lagos, Nigeria
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