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The Inspire Series Presents Redefining Beauty


We are qualified by the way we look, not by the quality of our spirit, work or character. Society constantly uses the external to qualify and in many cases sets unrealistic expectations of what we should look like or aspire to look like.

The Redefining Beauty event aims to explore the narrative of beauty and the different elements to it.

The event hosted by Glory Edozien will include everyday women who are constantly redefining standards of what it means to be a women in today’s Nigeria. They will include Oreka Godis (Actress and media celebrity), Wana Udobang (OAP, writer and producer), Lola Maja (Award winning makeup artist), Jade Osiberu (Creator of web series sensation Gidi UP), and Yvonne Edozien (CEO, Little Tulip).

What makes a woman beautiful? Is beauty purely external and how do we define internal beauty? What does it mean to be beautiful in today’s Nigeria? Do our perceptions of beauty hinder or inspire us? Do women actually feel beautiful?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions or are looking for a forum to have open and honest conversations about these issues then this is the event for you!

The purpose of the event is to carry the ethos of the Inspire Series by Glory Edozien Show to a physical place. The event is an avenue for women to inspire each other and allow opportunities to share their individual and personal stories of struggle, challenges and survival.

Date: Sunday, 30th November, 2014
Time: 2PM – 6PM
Venue: Social Place, Sinari Daranijo Street, off Ligali Ayorinde, VI Lagos

The event is free to attend. RSVP to glory@inspiredbyglory.com

inspire series

inspire series

Inspire series

LOLA MAJA 2inspire series

Jade Osiberu inspire series

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