Happy New Year


Hey Everyone

Asides turning thirty this year, i met so many incredible people, had equally amazing moment and i also experienced many firsts to which i remain eternally grateful.There are a few lessons i learnt this year and here are some i will like to leave you with.

1 It gets better

2 It’s ok to be afraid but you have to be fearless

3 When you meet good people keep them close

4 Confidence is everything

5 Leave room for the detours

6 Be authentic

7 Your mind is one of the most incredible tools you will ever own

8 Sometimes to recreate, you have to destroy

9 Being vulnerable doesn’t make you weak because you are stronger than you think

10 Have faith and submit yourself completely

11 Listen to the silence, its the hardest to hear

12 Stay consistent, the pendulum will eventually swing your way

13 Create, innovate and disrupt. Don’t just expect things to happen

14 Love completely but not stupidly

15 Learn to forgive yourself. You are only human

Thank you so much for being with me through out a very awesome year. I hope your 2014 was as memorable as mine and even if it wasn’t, as they say, the best is yet to come. I don’t want to make any promises but i will try my best to be more consistent on the blog, showcase more interesting and dynamic people as well as keep you up to date with all the happenings in the world of art and culture. More importantly i will try to always stay open, honest and stay me as it would be terrible trying to be anyone else.

Have a great new year

Love always


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