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Pep Talk Episode One


So i finally decided to start a video blog on my youtube channel after much pressing and prodding from friends and supporters of my work. I will admit, i was a bit apprehensive because i didn’t want to feel like i was recording a vlog just for the sake of it. So it has taken me some time to get to create something i’m happy with and something i hope will be of  some kind of benefit to other people as well. But i am pleased i took my time to come to that decision. I called it ‘Pep Talk’ because i realised i just find myself giving people Pep talks quite often and i am constantly trying to understand things better and figure things out. I hope that the vlog will also become an opportunity for crowd sourced experiences and stories and consequently people can learn from each other.

This first episode looks at a topic that is a regular issue in most traditional Nigerian house holds. It’s about wanting to pursue a certain career whilst your parents have other ideas about what you should spend the rest of your life doing. Do enjoy and feel free to share with others.

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