My Street Economics


The “My Street Economics” exhibition by Zainabu Jallo is in commemoration of the
International Women’s Day and will hold on March 8th, at the new unconventional
arts space in Lagos – Rele.
In this major solo exhibition that will open on international women’s day, Zainab
will display a set of photography works that captures every day Nigerian life. As it
were, all of the situations/ moments she shot were of women, up and about with
healthy doses of determinism to make daily income from trading, crushing stones,
and cooking in the open with no form of shelter.
What she hopes to achieve with this project is a balanced (hopefully) two
dimensional reportage accompanied with text from brief interviews with characters
who economists, social scientists and the likes have labeled as “less privileged” The
main question is of how they identify themselves in socio-economic settings of their
various societies.
The exhibition will run from March 8th – 22nd, 2015

Zainabu Jallo is a seasoned, award winning Nigerian artist based in Bern,
Switzerland; a playwright and documentary photographer who works with a fusion
of text and photography. She is a Sundance theatre Fellow, a fellow of the Royal
Society of Arts England and Fellow, Château de Lavigny, Maison d’écrivains, Switzerland

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