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Strip Unstripped, Conversations on nudity in art


It has been an amazing month with our exhibition on Nude painting and photography which was titled Strip. Strip has received great great review and it has also enjoyed a very generous viewership. We hope that this will be just the first of many more interesting art exhibitions and projects to come.

This sunday we finally say goodbye to Strip and to close the exhibition we will be holding a talk at Rele gallery so please make sure you attend as i would be moderating and we promise to make the talk engaging and exciting. Our panelists include two of the artists who have been a part of the show Ayoola and Isaac Emokpae, writer Toni Kan, gender activist, collector of nude art and intimacy business owner Iheoma Obibi as well as my co-curator Ayodeji Rotinwa. To attend please RSVP to art@rele.co

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