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Monochrome: Of Works and Life in Black and White, is an exhibition of various artistic expressions through different media that seeks to familiarize the viewer with works produced by three progressive, contemporary artists, Juliet Ezenwa, Nwachukwu Ike, and Logo Oluwamuyiwa Adeyemi. These works rendered in black, white, and the occasional tons of grey, propels the viewer to engage with the untold story, recognizing a depth that may have otherwise been hindered with the inclusion of a variety of hues. The selection of these artists is without doubt deliberate. With Ezenwa’s drawings, Ike’s paintings, and Logo’s photography we might very well have hit the trifecta.

Anna Kovie Parker.
The exhibition is hosted by Freedom Park with the opening reception on Saturday 22nd August at Kongi’s Harvest, The Art Gallery, Freedom Park, Lagos by 4pm. It will run for two weeks (till the 5th of September) and the space will be open daily from 9am to 6pm.

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