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Culture Diaries Meets Adenrele Sonariwo


So as a lover of all things art and culture, i thought it was time to have a go at a video interview series and thus Culture Diaries was born. I have only been able to shoot six episodes as a pilot season but touch wood i will get the resources i need to keep it going. Culture Diaries is an interview series where i get to chat with some of the prominent people in the art and culture space from artists and curators to bloggers and influencers. The dynamic personalities who are active and engaged in the community. The series covers most if not all of the art forms. Well at least i will try to. It includes visual, performance, literary  and the creative arts.

In this episode i have a chat with Adenrele Sonariwo who trained as an accountant but her love for the arts led her to establish Re.le gallery which has hosted some exciting exhibitions since it opened a year ago. One thing that Re.le gallery has done for sure is introduce a younger audience to the arts and that i think is a feat worth celebration. Hope you enjoy watching and please do share

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