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Room 313 Naomi’s Story


I have been contemplating ending this series of mine which i have enjoyed making so much but fortunately despite all the challenges i never give up without a fight so i have decided not to hang my boots up just yet.

So here goes the story. As part of the British Council’s UK/NG season of collaborations i have been working as compare and moderator on numerous arts events over the last six months. During one of the events called DisFix, a dance project that brought together disabled and able bodied dancers i found Debby Aiyegbeni. She was part of a performance by the Q Dancers choreographed by renowned dancer and choreographer Qudus Onikeku. In the performance for Iwa Lewa, Debby narrated the experiences and challenges that led to her diagnosis with scoliosis and her life then on. Her body’s tremors for some reason wove itself seamlessly into her performance i couldn’t take my eyes off her. I knew she was someone who had to come to  terms with a new self and in many ways making sense of it all. So at the end of the show, i asked her if she had ever done any acting before. She said she hadn’t but she agreed to jump on this with me.  Like Sheila Ojei who played Dooshima, this is Debby’s debut as an actor.

In Naomi’s story she is a person trying to make sense of her own grief and questions the need to suppress her pain for the sake of others. Happy viewing and don’t forget to leave your comments, thoughts, stories , feedback and more importantly share.

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