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A Short Film In Verse. Swipe Slow By Inua Ellams


Inua Ellams happens to be one of the most hardworking poets i know. If he isn’t working on a play or poetry or globetrotting in search of inspiration, then he is trying to figure out how to get Othello and Sango to a dinner table spitting verses at each other. He is that kind of guy. Nothing is beyond Inua and no idea gets past him. From watching his one man show titled 14th Tale;  a tender and heart warming coming of age story to his theatre piece The Spalding Suite, inspired by basket ball subculture, fusing poetry, beat boxing and physical theatre. Inua constantly blows my mind. He allows me realise that nothing is off limits with words. You can bend them, break them, remould them, place them in different spaces and control them. He does exactly that with this short film which was commissioned for BBC 3 called Swipe Slow. Hope you enjoy watching and don’t forget to leave your comments below. You can check out more of Inua’s work on

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