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Discovering The Coolest Of Pods In Not Another Book Podcast


Podcasting has been quite the craze for a while. Infact, i have been recommended so many that I have actually lost count. But when I came across Not Another Book Podcast on my timeline, I was momentarily consumed with a tinge of jealousy  just because it is many shades of brilliant.

Hosted by self professed book cover whore Sarah Ozo-Irabor(Books&Rhymes) aka the shade thrower, Book blogger Zahra Nesbitt-Ahmed(BookShyBooks) aka the silent assassin and Yovanka Paquete Perdigao(PostColonialChild) aka Africa’s l’enfant terrible the podcast is nothing like you expect from a books podcast. It is fun, casual, informative, entertaining, loaded with all the literary tea necessary for a good nights sleep sprinkled with a lot of shade to boot. As their slogan goes “Say it with your chest”. As you can imagine it doesn’t get more honest.

If the crew isn’t discussing their literary crushes, they are discussing overhyped writers and underrated books. They tackle issues in the publishing industry and spill the beans of being hosted to some juicy steak cooked by crime fiction writer Leye Adenle. Did I mention that they sing their own jingles to the show segments as well. What really makes Not Another Book Podcast a gem is that it is fresh and unpretentious and it introduces its listeners to the vast breath that is African literature. There are so many laugh out loud moments, you might find yourself nodding along during the conversation and wanting to take down notes on what next to add to your ever growing reading list.

As someone who has worked on the radio, I love that I get to feel all their personalities in the show, enjoy their depth and opinions without speaking over each other or as we say struggling for airtime. The only thing I wish they could add are tiny excerpts from some of their new book finds. It really feels like the podcast you had been hoping for but didn’t even realise till you found it.

You can catch up on all the episode here

You can also check them out on iTunes and Spotify.



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