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I recently got to work with NorthWestern University’s Programme of African Studies as curator for this video series themed “Reclaiming the tongue”

The series features food bloggers and food historians on their work using food as storytelling, decolonising and reclaiming history. It has been a very exciting seeing the places that my journey with food is taking me. You can check out their website and YouTube channel to watch the series.

Reclaiming the Tongue” is a video series curated by journalist and poet, Wana Udobang. For the series, Wana enlisted the help of prolific food bloggers and scholars, Ozoz Sokoh (Kitchen Butterfly), Neema Syovata (Modern African Table) and Iquo Ukoh (1Q Food Platter), to explore the complex ways in which history, geography, memory, colonization, relationships and more, become part of a dish’s recipe. This series will be released over the course of February, so subscribe to the PAS Youtube channel for notifications as the videos are released.

Curator Wana Udobang explains the series: “The aftermath of slavery and colonization is often spoken about in connection to the violence done to the political, social and economic fabric of the African continent but very little of these repercussions are ever connected to food. The one thing that is and has always served as a system of survival. Click here to read the rest of the essay

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