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Poem | Revolution

Revolution is a poem  following the themes of a lot of my recent work about reimagination and healing through affirmation. The poem is inspired by the Gil Scott-Heron poem of the same title. The track is produced by Lanre ‘Knightsabre” Oladimeji of Knighthouse studios. The video is shot and edited by Abiola Sobo of Suss Productions

Poem | 20

’20’ is the eight track off my sophomore poetry album titled ‘In memory of forgetting’ The poem explores love, sensuality and sexual agency. The video stars Nigerian radio host and MTV VJ Folu Ogunkeye popularly known as Folu Storms. It was directed by Nigerian director XYZ with Samuel Achema as director of photography.

Poem | This Is Not A Feminist Poem

This is not a feminist by is a poem that looks at female injustice, violence and marginalization. It addresses society’s hypocrisy and complacency towards the plethora of issues facing African women

Warriors| Trailer

Warriors is a four part interview series that takes an in-depth look at experiences of people living with Sickle Cell disease. The series is created, directed and produced by Wana Udobang

Nylon|A Short Documentary On Grief

In this short documentary Nylon, Dorathy renders a moving account of the day her 10 year old daughter was engulfed in a fire. Nylon is created and directed by Wana Udobang

Room 313|Ewere’s Story

Room 313 is a “series of vignettes” built around the idea of the “talking cure.” In each episode, a character is filmed exploring a painful event in their past while sitting on a therapist’s couch. Ewere is played by Folu Ogunkeye

The Banquet|A Poem

In the poem, titled “The Banquet,” Udobang uses the celebratory and pleasure-giving power of food as imagery to express feminine self-renewal.

Shrink| A short Film

The short experimental film Shrink is adapted from a short story of thesame title written by Wana Udobang. Shrink tells the story of a very self aware young woman coming to terms with the conflict raging between herself, her body and society’s perceptions of her body. It is written and directed by Wana Udobang. Camera and editing by Imoh Majorboy Umoren

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