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This installation is an immersive experience interconnecting personal narratives, histories, experiences, and imaginaries as a form of catharsis for the poet and the viewer. Featuring poems screen printed on canvas hanging from laundry lines, the installation will also include tailored public facing performances that explores issues around womanhood, sexual and gender violence, feminine agency, healing and reimagination.
The hanging poems tell many personal stories for the viewer to experience whilst walking through the space, a physical representation of the metaphor “hanging your dirty laundry in public”.


Prepping for dirty laundry

So i have finally summed up the courage to record my poems into a audio project which will be titled ‘Dirty Laundry’. I chose the name Dirty Laundry because most of my poetry have been quite autobiographical so this project is a memoir of sorts. I am excited and petrified at the same for some […]