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Room 313 | Ewere’s Story

I know this series has been quite inconsistent but unfortunately it is one of the things that happenes when the work is self funded. It’s dependence on goodwill also means you have to work around other peoples free time but all in all I’m learning to go with progress over perfection. This episode features my […]

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Register for #My2016Goals Workshop

  We are beyond excited to present to you the first edition to our 2016 workshop line up- #My2016Goals Strategising for Success. “People with goals succeed because they know where they are going”. – Earl Nightingale  Every year we make resolutions, set goals, targets and hope we achieve our dreams. For most of us, by […]

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Inspire Series Present’s Redefining Career

  Through out this year i have been co-hosting a series of events along with my friend Glory Edozien of the Inspire Series. The events have been geared towards redefining conversations about women and the way we perceive our selves and our lives. The Inspire Series event is about to embark on its third edition […]

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The Inspire Series Presents Redefining Beauty

  We are qualified by the way we look, not by the quality of our spirit, work or character. Society constantly uses the external to qualify and in many cases sets unrealistic expectations of what we should look like or aspire to look like. The Redefining Beauty event aims to explore the narrative of beauty […]


Sensitive Skin;A documentary about psoriasis

In a world where beauty and perfection is everything, imagine waking up in the morning with your body covered in spots and flakes. You think perhaps it is an allergy or maybe a really bad rash. You later discover it has a name but has no cure. Sensitive Skin is the portrait of Glory’s ten year […]



By Wana Udobang News flash….domestic violence and rape incidences are rising at souring rates; tell us something we don’t already know. Or perhaps we are just witnessing more newspaper coverage on the issue. At least that is progress of some sort. Social media is splattered with church banners and leaflets on special deliverance and prayer […]

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The body; ephemeral, temporal, and transient. Though all words synonymous, these  have been some of the terms used to describe its very nature but  yet  its characteristic to clutch at the very essence of ones being remains overwhelming. Glory Edozien and I have become very close friends just within a few years and in moments […]