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Ideas For Lagos Call For Literary Submissions

  Call for literary submissions Ideas for Lagos  is pleased to welcome submissions for our Blog’s literary column, Stranger than Fiction. Entries can be of any genre (fiction or non-fiction), but the City of Lagos must be an active or passive theme. Submissions are welcome at any time throughout the year. Please find a list of […]


conversations with mary

  Mary appears to look like nothing more than five feet tall. The muscles on her arms and thighs form little gallops on her petite frame. Mary reminds me a bit of the Barka pygmies I have seen on television.  Her face appears a little old. Like a person whose life has been dotted by […]


Sour Grapes

They say I take a lot from my father. The love for words, simplicity and even thriftiness. He always had big books. I could never really understand any of the words in the books. There was a long row of encyclopedias on the living room shelf. He spoke with very robust vocabulary. It was always […]