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Culture Diaries; Eko Dialogues and Brother Jero

  This Sunday be prepared to be thrilled with a one of a kind exceptional theatre, an experience that will leave you asking for a re-run. The play dances around the working class, the petit bourgeoisie, the wannabes, the have-been-to, the very people who give Lagos its socio-economic bite. The characters are everywhere: the passengers […]

About me

Culture Diaries; Belong

  I remember seeing Oc Ukeje’s visceral performance  in Micheal Asuelime’s ‘Mystery” a few years ago at the Muson. Saying he had a really good 2013 and even roaring 2014 will be a bit of an understatement. I am eager to see him in the upcoming television mini-series  ‘Dowry’  written and directed my Victor Sanchez […]