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Titilope Sonuga’s Becoming At The Muson

If you have heard Titilope’s poetry, you know i am constantly ranting and raving about her work. Following a groundbreaking year of firsts, Titilope Sonuga, Intel® She Will Connect Ambassador for Nigeria, and the country’s first inauguration poet who performed at the swearing in ceremony of President Muhammadu Buhari, is set to bring a one […]

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Poetry Please;Titilope Sonuga’s Hide and Seek

  When it comes to poetry envy, after Warsanshire, it has to be Titilope Sonuga. Her words are so vivid you feel like you can taste them. Titi’s latest offering are a compendium on her thoughts on the terrorist bombings that have been going on in  Nigeria and of course the case of the two […]