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Airtel Touching Lives Episode One

  Toward the end of last year, i scored a gig as the host of a new television show called Touching Lives. The programme seeks to identify underprivileged persons with specific challenges and struggles with the ultimate objective of providing the needed help to empower and enrich the lives of these individuals. Touching Lives is a CSR […]


6 Tips to Crush Insecurity & Boost Your Confidence

  Lately I have been receiving tonnes of emails and equally having lots of conversations about confidence and how little of it there seems to be. I am coming to the realisation that much like a lot of things, we trivialise it all by making it about the peripheral – getting a new wardrobe, or […]


Fat Girls Anonymous; You Are Deserving

A friend once shared with me his two most cherished life philosophies which he also shared with his daughter when she was very young. The first; no one has the right to treat you less than you are. The second; unrequited love is bullshit. Well where was he when I was a little girl?  It […]

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The Jumia Look Book

Collaboration alert!!!! I got a chance to play dress up thanks to Jumia, the online retail company. As you know i’m all about self confidence, self love, and anything that propels you on that journey to becoming your best self. Ok, so it was also an opportunity to indulge my wannabe model fantasies. I reckon […]


Power Of People

  They say people cover our nakedness, so I often wonder why people beam with so much pride that they have no friends. I think people need people. We aren’t built to live in isolation. However, I understand the need for self preservation and protecting yourself from the fall outs and disasters of certain friendships. […]

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By Wana Udobang The walls of my mother’s living room are littered with photographs, photographs of all of us five children and my niece Ellie. One photograph in particular I find intriguing that it still has a space on the wall. It is a portrait of my family, including my mother and father. In the […]