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The Inspire Series Presents Redefining Beauty

  We are qualified by the way we look, not by the quality of our spirit, work or character. Society constantly uses the external to qualify and in many cases sets unrealistic expectations of what we should look like or aspire to look like. The Redefining Beauty event aims to explore the narrative of beauty […]

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My Short Film Shrink

  Again i am equally as nervous as i am excited. I have finally tried my hands at a little experimental film. It is my first so please don’t judge too harshly. It all started from a short story i wrote a few years ago called Shrink. A story about a very self aware young […]


6 Tips to Crush Insecurity & Boost Your Confidence

  Lately I have been receiving tonnes of emails and equally having lots of conversations about confidence and how little of it there seems to be. I am coming to the realisation that much like a lot of things, we trivialise it all by making it about the peripheral – getting a new wardrobe, or […]


Fat Girls Anonymous; You Are Deserving

A friend once shared with me his two most cherished life philosophies which he also shared with his daughter when she was very young. The first; no one has the right to treat you less than you are. The second; unrequited love is bullshit. Well where was he when I was a little girl?  It […]


Paying It Forward

  I received this email form a listener and reader of mine which has kept a permanent grin on my face all day. I have to say it is one of the most beautiful letters i have ever received not because it was a huge ego boost but for many other things. The reason is […]



  It has been two years since my intervention. A lot has changed and I admit rehab never felt so good. I call it an intervention because as far as I’m concerned, that was what it was. Ok so maybe it wasn’t as drastic as my whole family getting on the next available flight, my […]

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The Jumia Look Book

Collaboration alert!!!! I got a chance to play dress up thanks to Jumia, the online retail company. As you know i’m all about self confidence, self love, and anything that propels you on that journey to becoming your best self. Ok, so it was also an opportunity to indulge my wannabe model fantasies. I reckon […]

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Culture Diaries; Soyinka’s Camwood on the leaves

There are lots of events and activities celebrating Professor Soyinka’s 80th birthday and one of those will be Paw studios production of Camwood on the leaves. SYNOPSIS “My son? I disown him! He is no son of mine …nor yours!  …ErinjobiTwo families ; the Olumorin’s and the Erinjobi’s are set on war path because of […]

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performances and more perfomances

  It has been an incredible and exciting month already. I performed at the Bogobiri Festival poetry night along with some of my friends whose work i respect deeply like Efe Paul, Titi Sonuga, Donna, and Dolapo. I even got a little emotional( well little is a nice way of putting it). Then there was […]

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From Page To Stage

For some reason I have always been a bit insecure about my poetry and fiction. Maybe it is because I wasn’t one of those people who read and wrote ferociously as a child. When I read about writers, I feel a bit like a fraud calling myself one as I’m still trying to play catch […]