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For some reason I have always been a bit insecure about my poetry and fiction. Maybe it is because I wasn’t one of those people who read and wrote ferociously as a child. When I read about writers, I feel a bit like a fraud calling myself one as I’m still trying to play catch up. The one thing I must say though is that besides my late blooming, I have tried my very best to practice the craft and at least I hope I am getting better. I reckon I have come a long way from my days writing what I now consider to be dodgy poems on my facebook.

Performing poetry has also given me a new and raw kind of energy, exposed my work to a different audience and has allowed me to become experimental with style, shifting my words from the page to the stage. So here are two poems recorded for you to enjoy.

Click the links below to listen 

Love is. Love is

A lot of people have heard me perform love which I owe mostly to the experiences of my mother and other women who have shared their stories with me in the past

weight loss

Weightloss is written by my friend Nwando Oyeabo. Because of my obsession with the poem she was generous enough to grant me permission to record and perform it


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