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Ideas For Lagos Call For Literary Submissions


Call for literary submissions
Ideas for Lagos  is pleased to welcome submissions for our Blog’s literary column, Stranger than Fiction.
Entries can be of any genre (fiction or non-fiction), but the City of Lagos must be an active or passive theme.
Submissions are welcome at any time throughout the year.
Please find a list of guidelines as per the submissions process below. We look forward to reading your work.
Submissions should be no longer than 3000 words.
Although the editors have a strong interest in short pieces of fiction, standalone extracts from longer works will also be considered.
We are partial to previously unpublished works, but will also consider published entries. This includes publication on personal blogs or forums. In all cases, exclusivity rights e.t.c must be resolved before works are submitted – Ideas for Lagos WILL NOT accept liability for copyright infringements over such matters.
We are currently only accepting entries in English.
All entries must be the entrant’s own works.
There is no limit to the number of submissions any one individual can make.
All submissions must be made electronically.
Please email your writing as an attached .pdf, .doc or .docx file
To submit, please email your work as directed to admin@ideasforlagos.org and submissions@ideasforlagos.org

Ideas for Lagos is delighted to announce Wana Udobang as our literary editor. Wana is a writer, broadcaster, blogger, poet, gender advocate, and an art/culture fanatic. Her work has been published in numerous journals, and anthologies. She lives and works in Lagos.

Who are Ideas for Lagos

Ideas for Lagos is the pioneering initiative from the Support for Creative Minds Initiative (S.C.M.I).

We are an independent, apolitical, non-governmental organisation geared towards investigating, gathering and publishing ideas and suggestions for the benefit of Lagos State and its residents.

We are a think tank, information hub, lobby group and citizens’ portal.

Our mission is quite simply to create a more comfortable and coherent Lagos State. To achieve our mission, we set ourselves goals and objectives. Please find some of them listed below.

• To be a leading social-entrepreneurial website, with the aim of being a well organized and dynamic association for the propagation and promotion of knowledge sharing and idea implementation.

• To make ourselves accessible to as many Lagosians as possible.
• To identify and engage the most lateral thinking minds to partner with our cause.
• To be perceived as a friendly, non-confrontational partner by the Lagos State Government.
• To establish links and contacts with as many public officials and agencies as possible.
• To proffer the most imaginative, and yet practical, solutions to Lagos’s problems.
• To remain an impartial and apolitical bridge of communication between Lagosians and our government.
• To remain as transparent and accountable to our audience in all our dealings at all times.
• To task Lagosians to query the manner in which we exist in our city – to analyse everything about our lives from: the way we are governed, to the way we relate to one another, to the way we tackle everyday problems.


STEP 1 – We scout the globe, seeking unique ideas / solutions to the peculiar quandaries Lagos poses. We gather these ideas, screen through them and post them onto the website.

STEP 2 – We publish our findings for our global audience to examine, comment on and perfect.

STEP 3 – We encourage our audience to implement some of the ideas they may find useful, and on a regular basis, we shall compile a dossier of chosen ideas for submission to the relevant departments of the Lagos State Government for their perusal – encouraging them to realize those which they feasibly can.

STEP 4 –We provide useful contact information on public services, and voice your observations – relaying specific problems which you, the citizens of Lagos, may currently be enduring to the relevant departments of the Lagos State Government.

For more please visit www.ideasforlagos.org

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